Affiliate Marketing Tips for Selling Video Games


Video games are a very popular item to sell. Most boys and many men play video games and are always interested in buying new games and accessories. There are many reasons why people buy video games. When you know some of the reasons you will be betters able to persuade visitors to your website to buy video games. The reason are usually based on emotions rather than logical reasons.

Reasons Why People Buy Video Games

  • They want complete short term goals that video games offer.
  • They like the thrill of winning challenging games.
  • They like to be entertained and escape the reality of real life.
  • They can relax and give their hands something to do.
  • They like to play the role of a character they fantasize about being.

Types of Video Games to Sell

There are many types of video games to sell.  You need to determine the niche and target market you want to sell in.

Here is a list of the types of video games on the market:

Sports                 Boardgames          Building           Card/Casino Games

Roleplaying     Children                 Strategy            War

Shooter             Word/Trivia        Learning           Puzzle

Action               Fighting                 Simulation        Multi player

Adventure       Carnival                 Racing                Arcade/Classic

Products Related to Video Games

Selling products and accessories related to video games will increase your revenue.

Here are some related product ideas:

  • Game systems
  • Clothing and toys featuring the video game
  • A video game storage case.
  • A music soundtrack of the video game.
  • Video game accessories for the game or game system.

Graphics Related to Video Games

The design of your website will have an impact on your visitors.  Graphics and colors onyour web site and graphics can trigger people to buy.

Here are some imagery ideas to include on your website:

  • Popular characters in the game. (cartoons, people, creatures, etc)
  • Scenes from the game. (levels, intro pictures, etc)
  • Famous people the game is based on. (athletes, celebrities, professional, etc)
  • Famous things the game is based on. (race cars, tanks, weapons, tools, etc)

Suggestion for Content and Articles on Video Game Websites

  • Videos about the games – find them on and embed them on your website
  • Article about the storyline of the game
  • Article about how the video game was created
  • Article with a short walk through of the video game
  • Music clips from the video game.
  • Article about game cheats
  • A strategy guide ebook for the video game.
  • Previews of similar upcoming video games.
  • Reviews of forums for game players

Keyword Suggestions for Video Games

Using good keywords in your articles and titles of articles will help with search engine optimization.  You need to use ones that will persuasively describe the video and get sales .

Here are some targeted words and phrases:

excellent graphics      real sound effects      awesome sequel

good storyline      amazing music       very addictive

great game play      simple controls      cool levels

easy navigation      smooth movement      fun and entertaining

beautiful visuals      award wining       customizing options

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