Affiliate Marketing Tips for Selling Jewelry


As an affiliate marketer it is your job to pre-sell jewelry on your website. You need to know why people buy jewelry and what reasons will persuade them to buy.    The reasons are usually based upon emotions they want to experience rather than logical reasons.

Here are some of the reasons people buy jewelry:

  • To highlight or decorate a certain part of their body
  • To purchase jewelry as a gift for another person
  • To accessorize their wardrobe
  • To use it to symbolize a time period in their life
  • To show off their expensive jewelry to others as a status symbol
  • To get engaged or married
  • To keep up with the latest fashion trends

Types Of Jewelry To Sell

There are many types of jewelry products you can sell as an affiliate marketer.  When you have decided on your niche, then you can determine who your target market is and what specific items they want.

Here is a list of some of the jewelry niches:

  • Rings – diamond, precious and semi-precious stone, wedding, engagement, bands, metal, birth stone,  etc.
  • Bracelets – wrist, ankle, beaded, metal, charm, plastic, etc.
  • Earrings – studs, dangling, hoops, pierced, clip-on, etc.
  • Watches – pocket, wrist, digital, windup, hands, etc.
  • Necklaces – beaded, rope, pearl, chain, pendant, locket, chokers, etc.
  • Pins Or Brooches
  • Men’s jewelry – cuff links, tie bars, money clips,  etc.

Related Products To Sell With Jewelry

To increase your website sales you can also feature related products that people can purchase along with jewelry.

Products related to jewelry are:

  • Jewelry Cleaner  – To clean and make their jewelry look like new.
  • Jewelry Boxes -  To store all their new and old jewelry in
  • Jewelry Insurance -  To repair jewelry parts or replace lost stones.
  • Jewelry Travel cases – To safely hold jewelry when traveling

Graphics Or Images That Sell Jewelry

Including graphics of beautiful jewelry on your website will help to pre-sell it.  You can get royalty-free images from stock photo sites.

Some ideas for images related to jewelry are:

  • A body part with a sparkling piece of jewelry on it
  • A positive facial expression of someone wearing the jewelry
  • A piece of jewelry in a beautiful, elegant case.

Website Content or Articles that Sell Jewelry

In order to make a datafeed affiliate website unique you can include articles on your site.  The articles should be informative and help pre-sell your visitors to buy jewelry.

You can also create a free short report about jewelry as an incentive to get people to subscribe to your opt-in list.

Some ideas for articles and reports related to jewelry are:

  • How to safely buy jewelry online
  • Creative wedding proposals
  • How to buy wedding rings
  • How to buy an engagement ring
  • How to buy a diamond
  • The meaning of birth stones
  • How to clean and store jewelry
  • The different types of pearls and how to care for them

Choose good keywords and phrases for the titles of articles and within the body of the article.
Persuasive and positive words relating to jewelry are:

stunning          fashionable       romantic            rare

gold/silver        sparkle             priceless           perfect cut

diamond          elegant             hand crafted      shiny

valuable           glamorous        gorgeous           flawless

beautiful          bright               dazzling             precious

There are many reputable online jewelry sellers nowadays. People are not afraid to purchase even something as personal and as expensive as a diamond engagement ring online.  This means plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers in the jewelry niche market.

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