Affiliate Marketing Tips for Selling Electronics


Reasons Why People Buy Electronic Products

There are many reasons why people by electronics.  As an affiliate marketer you want to find out those reasons.  When you know the reasons you will be able to
tailor your affiliate website to meet their needs.

Here are some of the reasons people purchase electronics:

  • They want to use them for entertainment while they are at home
  • They want to be informed of different kinds of information
  • They want to use electronics to help fill and decorate their home
  • They want to use them to entertain guests that come to their home
  • They want to use mobile electronics to communicate, be informed and to be entertained away from home
  • They want to record and capture memories or experiences for future reference
  • They want to keep up with the latest trends in electronics
  • They want the latest electronics as status symbols

Types Of Electronics on the Market

There are many types of products you can sell.  Picking a niche and specializing in it is a good idea.

Here is a list of electronics niches:

Desk top Computers    Video Game Systems         MP3 Players

Printers                             Stereos                                   PS systems

CD Players                        Scanners                                 TVs

Mobile Phones               Cameras                                  Web Cams

DVD Players                     Cell Phones                       Laptops

Car Stereos                      Satellite Dish                      Digital TV recorders

Speakers                           Internet Phones                 Monitors

Projectors                      Car Phones                         Answering Machines


Products Related to Electronics

Products that people need to purchase along with electronic items can be a profitable niche.

Suggestions for products related to electronics:

Software               Internet Access                 Special Cables/Wires

Mousepads           Video Games                     Service Plans

Batteries/Chargers   Printer Ink                 CDs

Product Stands/Cases     Memory Cards   Controllers

DVDs              Microphones/Headphones

Digital Downloads          Adapters

Graphics and Images That Sell Electronics

Help sell electronic products by placing images and graphics of them on your website.

Here are some imagery ideas:

  • Pictures of the electronics with attractive backgrounds
  • People using or playing with the electronics at home
  • Children being entertained or educated by the electronics
  • People using mobile electronics away from home
  • A service person installing the new electronics

Content and Articles on Electronics Websites

Creating articles and reviews on your website will help sell the electronics.

Some suggestions for articles are:

  • How viewing sports is much better on a flat screen television
  • The convenience of every member of your household having their own cellphone
  • How the latest laptop or desk top computer makes gaming better
  • How the latest laptop or desk top computer helps children get good grades
  • How a GPS system makes driving on vacations a much more pleasant experience
  • How to clean and take care of an electronic item
  • How to fix and troubleshoot problems that may arise with an electronic item
  • Product reviews of electronics items that you own or tried out
  • How easy it is to use digital cameras and camcorders
  • How easy it is to preserve family memories with digital cameras
  • How to do digital scrapbooking and crafts with electronic products

Words Or Phrases That Sell Electronics

    Use good keywords in the title and body of the articles on your website.

Here are some targeted words and phrases related to electronics:

    quality sound                   wireless                    Internet ready
    good picture quality      stylish                      carry it with you

    fast processing                 durable                     flat/compact

    lost of memory               lost of channels      a wide selection

    handy gadget                  clear sound               in many colors

    digital                                 great apps                 top rated

    mobile                              space saver               cool graphics

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